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Card and Craft, Inc.

Professional Services for the New Age of Business

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Officially formed on the Summer Solstice, 2018, Card and Craft, Inc. is the next evolution of the quarter-century association of John and Christiana Gaudet.

Whether you are just starting out, struggling to succeed or simply looking for an easier, more effective way to do things, we have the tools and skills to support your passion and make it profitable.

Over the past twenty-five years we have learned exactly what it takes for a talented person with a great idea to build a business that inspires and sustains them.


Workshops and Mentorship

Christiana teaches a variety of classes in-person and online at

Personal mentorship is available for professional development.

Technical Support


Support and Security

We offer services to help you design and build your online presence, and keep your internal network secure.

Spiritual Perspective

Business is More Than a Bottom Line

The New Age business world is more than just the pursuit of profit.

Modern business must consider the spiritual as well as the economic and practical aspects of providing a service or product to their clients.

We can help you find just the right balance for your enterprise.